Final Major Project Pre-Production Paperwork

Attached is a Word Document with all the Pre-Production work I have done for my Final Major Project: Pre production pack work doc Also attached is my evidence document which should include all the blog posts that include FMP information:... Continue Reading →

Final Major Project Pitch

Attached is a word document with my first draft pitch: FMP brief Attached is a PowerPoint with my pitch presentation: My final major project presentation Below is a video of me presenting my pitch presentation. I managed to finish the... Continue Reading →

Final Major Project- About Me

3 Skills I have learned leading up to my FMP: Photography: I knew nothing about key aspects of professional photography and the skills needed for professional photography before this course, but I was able to learn more of what was... Continue Reading →


  Band review: "Linkin Park has done it again. Contributing to the score of a major summer film is no small task, but Linkin Park rise to the challenge magnificently. Their brand new single “New Divide” (available now on iTunes)... Continue Reading →


Attached is a PowerPoint with all pre production work, research and health and safety information. Project 2 work reference document 1


For this task we had to find and interview a local band to promote; including designing them a poster. We had some problems finding a band because at the start no one knew any bands, so we went online and... Continue Reading →


Attached is a Power Point Presentation about the continuity task: key-filming-terms-and-concepts


I am the sound technician for our group and will be in charge of audio. A professional sound technician does: During production they assess the acoustics of the area, assemble the equipment, consult with the director for the sound requirements,... Continue Reading →


For this task we had to film an introduction, a couple interviews and some shots from around the college, like the entrance and art at the college. We also needed a narration explaining the college. The interviews were about the... Continue Reading →

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