Unit12 research


For this task, we had to film two short scenes for students in the drama department. We were told a few days in advance that we were doing this and didn't have a lot of time to plan out and... Continue Reading →


For this task, we had to create a one minute short with no dialogue. We formed small groups, the same as the drama task, and had to plan, film and edit a short video. We had to use one camera... Continue Reading →



For this task, we all had to work on the project as a whole class. We had to prepare for a thirty-minute live show. We assigned ourselves roles based on what we thought we were good at. I was one... Continue Reading →


Overall I am happy with my radio drama. It is very close to my plan and original short story, it is the correct length and the drama students did a very good job voice acting. Editing the short story into... Continue Reading →


For our work experience we filmed a debate about art. We were told a week in advance, given the wrong location and no one was told how to complete their role. We were not told anything about what we should... Continue Reading →


The Alien Transfer Student script The Alien Transfer Student Script First Draft   Int.- Classroom (average secondary school) SFX- Rabble of the class and shifting of chairs, Door opens and closes, Rabble and shuffling dies down Teacher:   Alright settle down... Continue Reading →


Analysis of two radio dramas:   Doctor Who: The Last Days Before Dawn (Full Length Audio-Drama), 1 Dec 2016, VocaLAB Productions Last accessed 9/11/2017     Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic Audio Drama Part 1, 30 Mar 2013, theDeadmanshand1... Continue Reading →


Evaluation: Overall I am happy with my final magazine. It is very close to my first idea of what it should look like in my flat plan. I did not use actual stories and images in my flat plan because... Continue Reading →

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