How to cite work right; basics

To Harvard reference most things you need five main things: The author, the date, the title, the link and last accessed date. Usually, in that order and if some information like the date is missing you just don't include it,... Continue Reading →


Unit12 research

About me: When I was young I would watch a lot of superhero shows like Justice League, Teen Titans, Wolverine and the X-men and many other shows of the superhero genre. There are also a lot of shows that are similar... Continue Reading →


For this task, we had to film two short scenes for students in the drama department. We were told a few days in advance that we were doing this and didn't have a lot of time to plan out and... Continue Reading →


For this task, we had to create a one minute short with no dialogue. We formed small groups, the same as the drama task, and had to plan, film and edit a short video. We had to use one camera... Continue Reading →


For this task, we all had to work on the project as a whole class. We had to prepare for a thirty-minute live show. We assigned ourselves roles based on what we thought we were good at. I was one... Continue Reading →


Overall I am happy with my radio drama. It is very close to my plan and original short story, it is the correct length and the drama students did a very good job voice acting. Editing the short story into... Continue Reading →


For our work experience we filmed a debate about art. We were told a week in advance, given the wrong location and no one was told how to complete their role. We were not told anything about what we should... Continue Reading →


The Alien Transfer Student script The Alien Transfer Student Script First Draft   Int.- Classroom (average secondary school) SFX- Rabble of the class and shifting of chairs, Door opens and closes, Rabble and shuffling dies down Teacher:   Alright settle down... Continue Reading →


Analysis of two radio dramas:   Doctor Who: The Last Days Before Dawn (Full Length Audio-Drama), 1 Dec 2016, VocaLAB Productions Last accessed 9/11/2017     Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic Audio Drama Part 1, 30 Mar 2013, theDeadmanshand1... Continue Reading →

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