I would have attached my Photography magazine cover and two page spread but this website didn’t allow it so I have taken screen shots of the pages, the first is below:

The place I got this information from was at:


I then adapted the information so it was clearer on what I thought beginners needed to know about their cameras.





I also did an article on which camera beginners should buy after narrowing it down to four possible options, it is below:


Finally, my front cover: I didn’t really have time to finish this, so it’s very simple and it only has the articles on my double page spread, but it does follow usual designs (having a feature image, title, articles, date, bar code and price). The articles are named on the left because in a shop on a crowded magazine rack that may be all that the customer can see and the background is a simple gradient blue:


Overall I am happy with how my work turned out, but if I had more time I would have done more to make the magazine look more professional; adding flashy stickers to grab the reader’s attention, more stories to attract a bigger audience and spend more time making my articles actually look like they are in a magazine.

To make this magazine section I had to use a range of skills and research, finding information on DSLRs to find the most basic information that applies to all DSLRs and finding out which one would be good for beginners and amateurs.

In the end I didn’t have a lot of time so I used Microsoft Publisher as it is what i am familiar with, but in future projects I will use and develop my skills in In Design and Photoshop, as they are the standard professional software for this type of task.