I have had a lot of ideas for this but I am having trouble settling on one idea. I want a poster that is different, that is hard to ignore, something that makes you act not just think.

I didn’t  want a normal sad looking homeless person being ignored, I know that doesn’t work, so I thought more about what we do while ignoring the homeless: walking faster, not looking, etc.

I have done a few sketches and had a few ideas, the first of which was having a homeless looking person standing, holding a big picture up and the picture being of him holding the same picture (so the Droste effect.) With the caption ‘Don’t let history repeat itself.’

In the next couple I really wanted to make the audience react so the first is of someone staring at their phone walking past, chucking some change behind them back into a homeless person’s ‘pot’, with the caption ‘Why not make yourself feel better by indulging someone less fortunate for a minute? Porchlight, because charity is all about YOU.’ The next was of another person staring at their phone, walking past another homeless person, dropping them some change, but I would edit the homeless person so they are smaller. With the caption; ‘ We all really know what this is about, so lets be honest… DO IT FOR YOUR SELF.’

I wasn’t sure if that would be acceptable for a poster ad though so I did some rougher sketches of a homeless man sitting with a sign that says ‘I want nothing’, another of the different sections of Kent that Porchlight helps (but that was as far as I got), one of an outline of Kent with a homeless man in a sleeping bag in the middle and one of some people walking past a homeless person but I would edit it so that only the homeless person was black and white.

One was of a typical homeless man holding a sign, with a normal looking person holding the same sign saying ‘We need a house’, this is because a lot of people that are technically homeless actually people that don’t have anywhere to go, but because the government takes a long time to give someone a council house, they are classed as homeless.

The last idea I have so far is a picture of a city with arrows pointing down on seemingly random spots, with a caption saying ‘there are homeless people everywhere, you just don’t notice’, or I would have a Google Maps view of Kent with arrows pointing at seemingly random places but, if you go to street view, there would be real life homeless people at those locations at the time of the image being taken.

Attached should be a Power Point with a small collection of posters and analysis on two of them, (one from Porchlight, the other a similar charity) mainly just explaining what they are about and the impact of that.


Below are the first, unedited pictures I took:

This one is of Dom looking homeless, with no shoes and holding a cardboard sign. I will use Photoshop to make it black and white, remove any writing on the cardboard and add text for the cardboard. I did consider writing directly on the cardboard before I took the picture but I wasn’t sure what I wanted my message to be at that point.


This is a picture of Dom looking homeless and Maddie looking normal but they are both holding the same cardboard sign. This is because Porchlight don’t just help homeless people on the streets, they also help vulnerable people that are classified as homeless but do have places to go. The problem being they don’t actually have a house or place of their own, they need jobs or need help to gain the confidence to go out on their own.


These are my first mock up designs for my poster, to start I made them black and white. then I recoloured the cardboard and then I added the text.


This is a first draft of my final poster, it is the same as the image before but I added the Porchlight logo in the bottom right and added the Porchlight helpline. I did it this way because a lot of homeless people aren’t on the streets, they need help but they have a roof over their heads most of the time. They just don’t have a place of their own or anywhere else to go.


This is my final poster, I changed house to home because it sounded more personal, I added a yellow box over the the contact information and lowered the opacity, so the text could still be seen but also so it stands out more. Finally I changed the exposure so the dark and black parts are harsher but the lighter grays are still quite prominent.