My final designs are not much different to my original plans. My radio advert script wasn’t changed much, and when it was, it was during the draft that got made. (link below:)

I had several ideas for my poster but the one I went with wasn’t altered much at all. The main change I had for my poster was I made it black and white, which I wasn’t planning to do when I made the first sketches. (link below:)

To create my radio ad I used a Zoom H1 sound recorder to record Kenny reading my script and I used Audacity to do some basic editing; deleting, copying and moving sound to get the radio ad the way I wanted it. (Screen shot; about to import the audio below)


To create my poster I first took the picture with the Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera, uploaded it to Photoshop and used it to make it black and white, add the text on the cardboard, add the Porchlight logo and add the contact information. (screen shot below of my final poster in progress; changing the colour to black and white using the colour replacement tool)


My poster is quite different to Porchlight’s; theirs is of seven, average looking people all holding cardboard signs saying “which one of us is homeless?” With their information at the bottom and their logo in the top right corner. Whereas my poster is a black and white image of of someone who looks homeless and someone who doesn’t, both holding a sign that says “we need a home”, with Porchlights contact information in the bottom left corner in a yellow box and porchlight logo in the bottom right corner.

I think they both get a similar point accross, which is not evryone that is homeless lives on the streets, they just say that in different ways. Porchlight’s is more lighthearted and uses a rhetorical question to portrey this wheras my poster uses black and white and a more serious image to get the point accross. (images below:)

My radio advert is quite similar to some other official radio adverts for homelessness. (link to my radio advert and a similar, official shelter advert below:)


They both use emotive language, talk about people in bad situations, ask for donations and give a method of doing so. They also both thank the audience at the end of the advert. The main difference being that the official advert has music in the background, which I would have done but I didn’t have time or the skills to do so yet.

I think they both get their point accross well and get thier message said effectivly. The official is more proffessional and a bit longer. While my advert is shorter and doen’t have music in the background.

The technical skills I have used and developed are: using the camera and Zoom properly, uploading files from the equipment, editing, deleting and copying sections of audio. Also I used Photoshop to turn my image black and white with the colour replacement tool, adding text to the image, adding a cloured box and changing the opaicty, altering the exposure make the image darker and adding the Porchlight logo to the poster.

To improve my poster I would add social media tags and make the writing look like it was written on the cardboard instead of added later. Also I would have liked to add a statistic or fact, like how many people are classed as homeless in Kent, to really show the importance of helping.

To improve my radio advert I would add social media page suggestions, like follow us on Twitter, to make it more accessable. Also I would have background music similar to the advert from earlier and I would also have made it longer.

My target audience is mostly for anyone who will pay attention, but more specificly it is aimed at 18 to 30 year olds, mostly because not alot of people are aware of the problem and how far it goes. My radio advert is more aimed at drivers because most people who listen to the radio are drivers.

To perswade people to give using my poster I used black and white to add a dark effect and highlight the seriousness of the subject. Also I kept the logo in colour and used a yellow3 text box to highlight the information. I also used ‘home’ instead of ‘house’ because it sounds more personal and I had on person look normal and the other look homeless to show that there are more homeless than just the ones you see on the streets.

To perswade people using my radio advert I used an example of a person in a bad situation to make it more real. I also used more than one method of donation to make it easier to donate. Finally I mentioned Christmas which is an emotional time of year and the time for giving, which might help perswade some people.

Peer feedback:

Jake, poster: “I like the photo used for the image and it gets the message sccross well, but it looks a little plain and could use a ‘christmasy’ effect.”

Jake, radio ad: “Sounds professional and using a real example is a good effect, but it could be a bit louder and longer.”

Dom, poster: “good use of emotive language, although the contact info text could be a bit more prominent and the logo could be brighter”

Dom, radio ad: “Needs to be louder and could have usede your own voice, but otherwise gets the message accross and sounds like something a real advertisment would say”

Over all I am happy with my final works, however there are afew improvements I would make if I had more time. I would have also prefered to have made a video advert instead of a radio advert.

Attached below should be a word document with all links to my WordPress blog posts.