Attached above is a PowerPoint presentation with five different videos. This is for Project 2 Task 1 Vox Pop interviews. (These are all rough unedited footage).

Evaluation: The objective of the task was to get some experience talking to strangers, asking them questions and to try doing a Vox Pop. The group work was ok but there wasn’t much to do so it felt like two people were doing all of the work while three people did nothing, but there was no way around that. I was on the camera, doing the filming and Maddy was asking people and the questions. Jesse did try working the camera but none of us had any experience, so until then no one had used the cameras video mode and I had it explained to me earlier by Alma.

the skills I acquired from this task so far were using the film mode on the DSLR cameras and talking to random people to ask them if they will answer our questions on camera. The problems we had were; no one knew how to operate the camera at first so we had to ask Alma and no one wanted to ask people if they would answer some questions so Maddy just did it (I also asked a couple people). To improve this work I would get more people to answer the questions on camera, make sure everyone has a job to do and work on my camera skills as some of the shots were a bit scruffy and didn’t look professional.