For this task we are doing an interview of two people, the interviewee and the interviewer. This is to practice our interviewing skills and techniques, teach us how to work with cameras and separate sound systems, and learn to sync them later in editing.

Our group decided (showing teamwork and communication skills) on the subject being music and what kind of music the interviewee is into, but the subject isn’t really important to this task, because it is mostly about practicing our filming and editing skills. I will be the assistant just helping with everything off camera, Dom will be the camera man and possibly sound guy, Maddy will be the interviewer and Shannon will be the interviewee.

While filming and creating our footage we needed to film the opening and then the closing at the same time, because we learned this is the convention for one camera, two person interviews, and they are easier to film together. After that we filmed the interviewee in a close up, while they were being asked the questions to get their answers. Finally we filmed the interviewer’s reactions to the interviewees answers and had them re-ask the questions, I have learned that these are two of the conventions for filing this kind of video.

After finishing the creation of the raw footage we all saved the information to our separate flash drives and then used Adobe Premiere to start going through and editing the footage. I didn’t use the separate sound recorder because the sound from the camera was good enough to use as we found a quiet location for filming the interview, and this also showed the group’s planning and preparation skills.

We used the LRC for our location as it was easily accessible and quiet compared to most places in college. The main problem was the camera needed a charged battery, so I got one but this battery was also nearly dead so I got another one. Also the camera kept randomly stopping during recording, so we had to restart that scene. Our final problem was; we couldn’t stay serious, we kept laughing and having to restart the scene. This was a good learning experience for the group as we learned that planing for and preventing equipment failure, and professionalism are both very important in filming and doing this task helped us develop these skills.

The editing was difficult because I had to go through all of the video and audio files, just to find exactly what footage I could use. Luckily I didn’t need separate sound to get a good enough quality, unfortunately I found this out after going through the files. After that I had to collect the good footage and put them in Premiere’s bin. Once I had done that I went through the opening and cut out the unnecessary parts, like the clapper board and director yelling “cut.” The next step was to get the main footage of the interviewee and cut the unnecessary footage out, but have it run all the way through to the end of the questions. I then copied that footage and put it aside while I got the interviewer’s reaction footage up. I then got footage of the interviewer asking the first question, had it match up  with the intro so no dialogue got cut off. Next I copied the interviewee’s answers again and put the footage of just that one answer after the question being asked and repeated for all of the questions. Once that was finished I got the ending footage and cut it so it fitted with the previous footage.

Finally, I rendered and exported the footage so I could upload it to YouTube. Then I realized I needed to add titles. So I went back, added the titles, then placed them in position. After that I re-uploaded the video. (Which is below)