What is prevent?

Prevent is a government organisation set up to stop Terrorism and Radicalization.

How do people become radicalized?

They feel isolated or alone in the world and are approached by someone with an ideal that is easy to agree with and are slowly introduced to the idea of changing everything no matter what. Eventually they trust these people enough to hurt others.

What are the signs that someone is being radicalized?

They usually become more passionate or touchy about their subject of radicalization and start to seem different.

Who can help you if you think someone is being radicalized? 

If I needed help I could ask my tutor or my support officer who will contact the local Prevent team.

How can you as a creative help the Prevent strategy?

Make creative projects that get the Prevents strategy across and make sure people are aware of how to prevent Terrorism and radicalization.


Prevent poster:

prevent ALEX REEVE