Below is an image of the storyboard we made so we knew what we were filming and its sequence:


For this task we had to create a tutorial video, so we got the filming equipment and went to the library, with Maddie showing how to make it, Keegan on sound, Dom on camera, Shannon directing, and I was on clapperboard. Maddie then made a couple of paper balloons, so we had an example and finished product, then we hid the Zoom sound recorder out of shot and recorded the intro, and then the ending of the video, as scene 1 and 2 of our shoot. Next we filmed Maddie showing the camera what was needed for this tutorial, (paper and pen) as scene 3 of our shoot. After that we had one long take of Maddie making the paper balloon and showing it to the camera as scene 4 of our shoot.Finally we took a few pictures of the finished product, and a couple of videos without sound to enable us to get footage of the finished paper balloon.

Once we had all the raw footage, I needed to edit the video into one long tutorial. To start I made the Title (Making A Paper Balloon With Maddie Curtis), and made it a suitable length. Once that was done I went through the intro footage and marked in the point where the clapperboard was out of shot but before Maddie started talking. The next step was for me to mark out the point where Maddie had stopped talking, but before Shannon said ‘cut’ and inserting that marked part of the video after the title. This is an example of good continuity and using my editing skills to achieve this. I then did the same thing with the scene 3 video (showing the camera what is needed), marking in at the point just after the clapperboard, and marking out just before ‘cut’ and inserting that part of the video in the correct sequence I wanted. After that I did the same with scene 4 and finally scene 2. After this I added my credits, a Title, and overlapped it with an image of the paper balloons, to make it look as professional as possible.

I am happy with how my video turned out but I would have preferred to have had my image at the end with the credits to fit on screen, without the black lines at the side. Additionally I would have liked an image at the start of the video instead of the title and a black screen. Also, if I had time I would add music in the background, to make the video more professional.

Below is the finished film: