For this task we had to record something in front of a green screen, so I lip sang a song I had on my phone in front of a green screen. Unfortunately the sound didn’t record for anyone’s video, fortunately for my video I didn’t need the sound.

Once that was done and saved, I then used Adobe Premier to take the green out of the screen by going to effects, keying, ultra key, selecting the green colour with the eye dropper, and changing the setting from default to aggressive, to get rid of the shadows and lines from the green screen.

After that I downloaded the English version I was singing along to and the original Japanese version that the song is a cover of. Then I got the video from the Japanese version put it behind  the video of me and enlarged it to fit the screen. Next I deleted the sound, without deleting the video and did the opposite, keeping audio and deleting video with the English version. The only problem I had was I got interrupted near the end, luckily it was an ending to an anime series and the English version is full length while the Japanese is cut around half way, so I cut the sound at the point where it goes to the chorus, deleted the unnecessary sound, then added the chorus from the end of the song so it looked like I sung the shortened version.

Overall I think it went well, the sound problem wasn’t a problem for me and any synchronization problems were easily solved with a few tries. I had never used the green screen before so the skills I learned through this process will be helpful in the future.