For this task I will have to analyse two television interviews and two radio interviews.

This interview is Trevor Noah interviewing Kevin Hart. This is quite informal and they both seem very comfortable, you can tell by the way Kevin is sitting and acting, like they are just having a fun meeting. Its on the daily show set, with a live studio audience. The camera doesn’t change much, its so smooth and subtle because there are several cameras, the zooming in and out is simple  and slow enough not to notice.

The sound is perfect as the interviewee/er are wearing mics on their shirts, the audiences reactions are not too loud at any point and the conversation flows quickly and naturally. The questions are open and personal, the atmosphere is fun and exciting and there’s a playful banter between two experienced comedians, that you wouldn’t get in a formal interview.

The target audience would be, first of all people who watch the daily show. Also people who are fans of these comedians and would like to know more about them. I think the target audience would be people 21 to 30ish, mostly male, as these comedians have a specific style, that may not exclude women, but mostly appeals to men.

This is a BBC interview featuring Barack Obama. This is a very formal interview, but its clear that Obama is quite comfortable with these kinds of interviews, as the President he has to do these kinds of things a lot and must be comfortable with the press, interviews, people and these kinds of questions.

The sound for this interview is good and professional, but you can hear some movement in the background. The questions are unspoken, but to the point and Obama’s answers are the same. There are some personal touches to the questions, however they are all professional and fitting for this kind of formal interview.

The target audience would be, firstly for anyone who watches the news, which covers a wide audience. Since this is a news interview I don’t think there is any very specific target audience compared to the last interview, as this is news for the general public. A little more specifically 25 plus.

Radio interviews:

This is a radio interview from Kiss Breakfast, with Ryan Reynolds about Deadpool and his other work. The sound quality is professional, as this is a real radio station and all the people o the show have their own mics. The only non-diegetic sound is at the beginning and end for the logo, which helps set up the interview.

The skills used are keeping the conversation flowing, real and just talking to the interviewee like it is a normal discussion between four people. There is also a lot of editing skills, the logo, the intro, the outro and editing between the conversation, that you don’t notice if you just listen to the interview but if you watch the interview too, you should be able see from the camera work.

The questions asked are mostly open questions, but the interviewee doesn’t try to answer with simple answers, the closest you get to this is the list of swear words and the interviewees opinion on the sexiest man alive.

This is a very informal interview, as is the style for this radio show, the language is casual, they openly swear, joke, laugh and shout, which means the target audience is more for immature, young, male adults around 18-30 especially since the main focus of the interview is a R rated, (18) comic book movie about a mercenary who kills people, can’t die and jokes around with the audience and anyone involved with him.

(open up actual you tube for this video to work)

This is radio interview is actually from a Netflix TV series called Luke Cage, in this scene a local rapper has helped Luke escape from the police, while the rapper was in the middle of a liquor store robbing and is telling the interviewers about the experience. The only non- diegetic sound in the interview is when Method Man (the rapper), starts to rap and the DJ starts the music.

The skills used are making sure the conversation continues, there are no uncomfortable pauses, having live music in the studio and having a live broadcast. I probably won’t use a lot of these skills as they are for live shows, but I can learn from this interview even if it isn’t a real radio interview.

The questions asked are about current events, in this case Luke Cage, a man who is bulletproof and saved him and another man from a liquor store robbery. With mostly long responses to the questions, but also a few quick answers.

The language used in this interview is very casual, all American urban slang and even include a short rap, which means the target audience would be mostly the urban youth. This is supported by the Netflix series’ age rating of 17+ and the way it is advertised to the audience, like being promoted on young adult channels and being grouped with similar shows like Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Daredevil and DC’s Gotham, which have a similar target audience.