For this task we had to film an introduction, a couple interviews and some shots from around the college, like the entrance and art at the college. We also needed a narration explaining the college. The interviews were about the students course, if they enjoyed it and what they might change.

While editing I had to stop at the end of the day, but I didn’t have any memory on my memory stick so I saved my work on Alma’s memory stick. Accept I didn’t save the videos or sound files to the memory stick, I put them on the temporary ¬†storage so I could access the through the day. So when I came back to finish the video I could not access the video or sound files and all my work was wasted.

However I was able to find the necessary files emailed to the entire group I was working with. All I needed to do was Premiere accept these files as the ones that it was using. Luckily there is a way to do this.

First I had to save the files where Premiere could access them. Next I right clicked on the video I had saved in the bin and clicked link media. Then I selected the same file that I had just saved. If I selected the wrong video I just Right clicked again and selected make offline and ok and the video went back to the same as before I linked it.

This is the finished video:

I had a few more problems, for example I lost the footage for the introduction, but still had the sound so I tried to get a copy from the other students in my group. Only problem was they had already uploaded the video and deleted their footage because they needed the space on their memory sticks so I just put a technical difficulties sign in the middle. Next time I will make sure I have everything I need saved before I exit Premiere.

Overall I am happy with how this video turned out, I got the footage I wanted for it and was also able to get a few extra pictures and shots from around the college. If I had time, I would add the footage of Dom doing the intro and add some music in the background.