I am the sound technician for our group and will be in charge of audio. A professional sound technician does:

During production they assess the acoustics of the area, assemble the equipment, consult with the director for the sound requirements, record the sound, making sure all sound is to the highest standard, repairing and maintaining the equipment and correcting any other problems.

During post-production the sound technician will assist in the synchronization of the recorded dialogue, adding effects, music and creating the sound effects needed, as well as editing them.

There are no set entry requirements for this job, but you will need a good understanding of music and recording technology. It is also useful to understand electronics.

The main ways of getting this knowledge are:

  • taking a music technology course
  • starting as a runner or an assistant in a recording studio
  • working on community music events, DJ projects, hospital, community radio, or mixing and recording music in a home studio
  • You could also get into this job through an apprenticeship.

The skills required are:

  • good hearing, for distinguishing sound quality
  • a good sense of pitch, timing and rhythm
  • a knowledge of electronics and acoustics
  • practical skills
  • patience
  • the ability to cope with long hours and tight deadlines

The usual job entails:

Using electronic equipment to record sound for many different uses, like:

  • commercial music recordings
  • radio, TV, film and commercials
  • corporate videos
  • websites
  • computer games and other types of interactive media

The usual job involves:

  • planning recording sessions with producers and artists
  • setting up microphones and equipment in the studio
  • making sure the volume and recording levels are set correctly
  • operating recording equipment and adding effects
  • recording each instrument or item onto a separate track
  • mixing tracks to produce a final ‘master’ track
  • logging recordings and other details of the session in the studio archive

For this project I won’t be doing as much, as there isn’t as much needed and I am an ammeter with little, to no experience with sound equipment. Although we have done previous tasks with sound equipment, so I know how to use the Zoom mics to, at least record sound.

The main tasks I will have to do are: checking the room is quiet, maintaining the equipment, setting up the equipment, consulting the director and checking the recordings.

Most post-production work will be done by every individual group member separately, so everyone will edit the footage, sync the audio, add effects, add music and sort through all the raw footage and recordings to find the correct ones. The only exception to this would be if someone isn’t in so they need a copy of the finished interview, or at least presorted and synced, that way it will still be their own work, but all the long tedious tasks will already be completed.