Band review:

“Linkin Park has done it again.

Contributing to the score of a major summer film is no small task, but Linkin Park rise to the challenge magnificently. Their brand new single “New Divide” (available now on iTunes) is the lead record for this summer’s monumental sequel, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

Linkin Park’s last album was Minutes to Midnight, released in 2007. “What I’ve Done” from the soundtrack of the original “Transformers” film happened to be featured on this album. It’s not for sure whether “New Divide” will find its way onto a new Linkin Park record, which is expected in early 2010, but surely none would object.

Though “New Divide” has similar flare to “What I’ve Done,” it takes things to an entirely different level. It gets more edgy on guitar and drum work especially, boasting a heavy performance from the band’s drummer Rob Bourdon.

Chester Bennington’s vocals are as strong as they ever were. Even “Transformers” director Michael Bay praised the band for fitting the film’s heavy ambience.

If “New Divide” is any indication of where Linkin Park is headed musically, the record books could be shattered next year when the new album hits shelves.”

The LG Blog (Posted on May 18, 2009) ‘“New Divide” Review’

Reviewing Linkin Park’s New Divide

Analysis of review:

The introduction of this review is quite informal and simplistic. This works well with the target audience, which is also the target audience of the song and possible listeners of their music. This is evident in the first line “Linkin Park has done it again.”

The main body of the review shows the reviewer did their research and knows a lot about the band and their music. This is shown when they mention “‘New Divide’ has similar flare to “What I’ve Done,” it takes things to an entirely different level.” This has evidence of analysis and understanding of Linkin Park, their music and takes it further by comparing the two similar songs.

The conclusion of the review is simple and looks to the future. This simple two line conclusion displays the writers straightforward and to the point writing style, while getting the point of a review across.

Second review:

“Unashamedly enjoyable pop

Perhaps not since Beck’s Loser has slide guitar been used so effectively as it is here on Cage The Elephant’s second single. Indeed, Beck is the key musical touchstone here, though there are nods to G Love And The Special Sauce too. The bass that anchors this tune is derived more from hip-hop than rock ‘n’ roll, and there is much in Matt Schultz’s vocal delivery that the aforementioned Hansen would surely be proud to have influenced. Though there’s not a hell of innovation here to knock your socks off, the song itself is such unashamedly enjoyable pop that this can’t possibly matter.”


THE SKINNY: Neal Parsons  (20 May 2008 ) Cage The Elephant – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked Single Review 

Reviewing Aint’ No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant

Analysis of second review:

The beginning of this review is analytical and straight to the point. It shows understanding and in depth knowledge of music. It also makes connections to other songs and artists that are similar in style and genres of music.

The middle focuses on the genre and tune of the song, investigates the bass and influences of the song. It shows the genre they are more well known for and the genre of the actual song and comparing the vocalist’s performance to another well known, similar artist.

Finally the end is a quick summary of the point of the review and references the title of the review. This displays the writer’s informal language but in depth analysis if the song. It truly shows the reviewer’s high opinion of the song.

Review comparison:

Both reviews show analysis and knowledge of the songs, artists and similar works, but the first goes in more detail with an actual introduction, main body and conclusion, whereas the second review is only one paragraph. I will be sure to show my knowledge of the band’s history together and the inspiration behind their music. As well as my conclusion of the band itself.

Insult 2 Innocence: Hero

My review:

Insult 2 Innocence’s Hero is a heavy rock song. With emphasis on guitar and a strong drum and bass throughout. The vocalist knows his role and clearly enjoys his part. Though the band is reforming if this is only the original, it is clear we are in for some true Rock when they have revamped their music.


  • Promotional poster
  • Research existing band posters – look for inspirational designs.
  • Comment on what do you like about each poster and how it is going to inspire your own one.
  • Create your own poster that will promote your band to the local music fans.
  • Critically evaluate the process of your creative work

poster review1

This is a poster of the rock band METALLICA. I like the simplicity of this poster, showing the simple electric guitar on what looks like a crumpled poster, with a yellow background. This really shows the bands reputation as a well known band. They don’t have to have a flashy poster because everyone knows who they are.

This is the site I got the poster from:


This is a poster for BLINK-182, this poster has a lot more to it. It has Darth Vader with rabbit ears, green eyes and a tear coming out of its left eye. The background is forty two green masked Storm Troopers all with brown eyes and a tear coming out of their right eye. They also have a peace symbol on half of them and an anarchy symbol on the other half. This is a poster for BLINK-182’s Colorado 2013 performance.

This is the site I got the poster from:

rock poster

This is my rock poster I didn’t add any text because I couldn’t decide on what band to do. I saved the image, placed it on Photoshop and changed the background to black. Then I used the fill tool to change the main colour of the skull and fire to red, the sunglasses and nose to blue and the edges of the skull, fire, nose and sunglasses to a dark grey.

It is very simple, the edges are a bit rough and I would have preferred to use my own image, but overall I am happy with this poster. Next time I will develop my skills with the paint brush and eraser tools to make the edges perfect, I will also use my own symbol.

This is the site I got the original image from: