3 Skills I have learned leading up to my FMP:

Photography: I knew nothing about key aspects of professional photography and the skills needed for professional photography before this course, but I was able to learn more of what was required to take some good photos as a result of previous tasks on this course leading up to my FMP. To reflect on these aspects of professional photography and the skills that I have learnt, I will look at these key aspects in examples from my previous work in other tasks on this course:


In this task I had to explain the types of shots in photography and do a practical example of each type of shot. For this task I went round the college and used my knew found knowledge of key photography aspects, I had learned in class that day and took pictures featuring each fundamental key aspect. This includes rule of third, lines in photographs, a balance shot and dynamic shot. Through this task I was able to learn and get a better understanding of the fundamental key aspects of professional photography.

Film: I also had trouble with filming as I had no experience with filming, so learning was a good experience. This was very similar to photography and had a lot of the key aspects as they both require framing a shot perfectly to highlight the main focus of the image or film. I was able to show my understanding of the fundamental filming terms and concepts through previous tasks, for example:


For this task we had to learn about and demonstrate our understanding of key filming terms and concepts by finding examples in professional productions and explain the use of the terms and concepts. The key aspects I covered were; the 180 degree rule, cross cutting, matching on action and eye-line match. Through this task I was able to learn new skills needed to make a professional film and I can use them in my future works.

Editing: I had never done editing before as well, so now I know some of the key skills needed to edit videos, including most of the skills needed for my FMP. This was very different to anything I had done before, so this was a good learning experience for me. Through filming tasks I was able to learn the skills needed for basic editing, some key aspects of this are show in a previous task:

For this task we had to film a two person interview with only one camera. So we filmed the opening and closing, then the interviewee’s face replying to the questions asked out of shot and finally the interviewer asking the questions and responding to the interviewee’s answers. This was one of the first videos I edited but I picked it up very quickly ad was able to make this video cutting between the interviewee ad interviewer having a conversation despite only having one camera for this interview.

3 Things I have improved on:

Written analysis: At the start of this I was used to exams, not course work, so I had trouble working on my written analysis, but through working on different tasks on this course I was able to develop my skills by doing these tasks I was able to get my written work up to a much better level. This is shown in my evaluation of my previous Christmas charity poster project:


For this task I had to evaluate all aspects of the work I had previously done for this project, including the finished poster and radio advert as that was the main focus. I had to go through the entire creation process from inspiration to the final piece, including screen shots of the creation process. Through this course and this example I was able to develop the written analysis skills to a level needed for this Final major project.

Sound recording: I had also never done sound recording and editing before and now I know from a few mistakes how to record sound properly and that if it is too far away, it will sound quiet on the computer, even if it doesn’t on the mic. I have developed these skills through trial and error, which means in some projects I didn’t use external sound because of the placement of the zoom mic. An example of when external sound:


For this task we had to create a tutorial video and my job was to record the sound. For this project I was able to sync the sound with the video, so this was good practice but there were some problems. For a few of the shots I was in the scene so we couldn’t use that footage, but I was close enough to get good quality sound recording with minimal background noise.

Interviews: I am quite shy so the interview practice was difficult. I was still able to learn the skills needed for a good interview. I will don’t need most of the skills needed from this project for my Final major project, but there are all ways transferable skills.  I have figured out that I am not the interviewing type through tasks like the example below, but I will develop my other skills further so I can be useful in future projects:


I did try to ask someone questions during the college film task, but it wasn’t usable because I messed up too many times. So someone else did the interviews and I pushed myself to ask some people if they would be a part of the interview. This was very important for me and developing my fundamental interview and conversational skills. It may have only been a small step towards me interviewing for an actual project, but it was important and necessary.

The medium I feel is my strongest area is Photography. I feel that it is simple yet effective and I can use more of the skills I have learned and developed through this course. Also with some Photoshop editing you can make the picture perfect, and do things you could never do in real life, such as adding things in, highlighting colours and erasing entire sections. A simple example of my photography and image manipulation work, including the originals that inspired them:

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For this task we had to choose two well-known photographers and recreate their work. These show a basic understanding of photography and image manipulation as both of my images have clear Photoshopped elements but nowhere near the professional’s level, as they look like they might not have been manipulated. In future works I will strive for the best and a more professional level of work.

The medium I need to improve on is editing. I had never done editing before this course, so I was interested in learning the new skills needed for video editing. I still need to learn more. I know enough to make a video but not enough to do a lot of special effects or special editing. This is an example of my previous work with some simple effects added editing:

For this task we had to use the green screen. I chose to lip sing a song I knew for this task but all the real work was in editing. I learned how to remove a colour in Adobe Premiere, which will be useful in future tasks. I was interrupted near the end of the song so I had to cut the song just before the first chorus and use the end chorus in place of it. I hope to use these skills and develop new skills in future projects.

This is a PowerPoint with my mind map about me and my two ideas for my Final Major Project:

ME mind map