Attached is a PowerPoint with all pre production work, research and health and safety information. Project 2 work reference document 1



For this task we had to find and interview a local band to promote; including designing them a poster. We had some problems finding a band because at the start no one knew any bands, so we went online and... Continue Reading →


Attached is a Power Point Presentation about the continuity task: key-filming-terms-and-concepts


I am the sound technician for our group and will be in charge of audio. A professional sound technician does: During production they assess the acoustics of the area, assemble the equipment, consult with the director for the sound requirements,... Continue Reading →


For this task we had to film an introduction, a couple interviews and some shots from around the college, like the entrance and art at the college. We also needed a narration explaining the college. The interviews were about the... Continue Reading →


For this task I will have to analyse two television interviews and two radio interviews. This interview is Trevor Noah interviewing Kevin Hart. This is quite informal and they both seem very comfortable, you can tell by the way... Continue Reading →


  For this task we had to record something in front of a green screen, so I lip sang a song I had on my phone in front of a green screen. Unfortunately the sound didn't record for anyone's video,... Continue Reading →


Below is an image of the storyboard we made so we knew what we were filming and its sequence:   For this task we had to create a tutorial video, so we got the filming equipment and went to the... Continue Reading →


What is prevent? Prevent is a government organisation set up to stop Terrorism and Radicalization. How do people become radicalized? They feel isolated or alone in the world and are approached by someone with an ideal that is easy to... Continue Reading →

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