Analysis of two radio dramas:   Doctor Who: The Last Days Before Dawn (Full Length Audio-Drama), 1 Dec 2016, VocaLAB Productions Last accessed 9/11/2017     Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic Audio Drama Part 1, 30 Mar 2013, theDeadmanshand1... Continue Reading →



Evaluation: Overall I am happy with my final magazine. It is very close to my first idea of what it should look like in my flat plan. I did not use actual stories and images in my flat plan because... Continue Reading →


Attached is my Power Point pitch. My Online magazine pitch


For my front cover I will analyse a range of front covers and content from different genres, including the type of magazine I plan on making. Jake Nevins, Thursday 24 August 2017,  'As a satirist, I can barely keep up':... Continue Reading →


My own magazine ideas and development: Anime magazine (UK) Concept: There are many examples of anime and Japanese pop culture magazines, but because they are made in Japan and dubbed in America, there are not many English language publications available... Continue Reading →


  This is a magazine featuring Air Guns. The images used on this magazine front cover are a feature image of an Evanix Rainstorm airgun modified with a simple scope and suppressor. There are also Three images featuring people in... Continue Reading →

Final Major Project Pre-Production Paperwork

Attached is a Word Document with all the Pre-Production work I have done for my Final Major Project: Pre production pack work doc Also attached is my evidence document which should include all the blog posts that include FMP information:... Continue Reading →

Final Major Project Pitch

Attached is a word document with my first draft pitch: FMP brief Attached is a PowerPoint with my pitch presentation: My final major project presentation Below is a video of me presenting my pitch presentation. I managed to finish the... Continue Reading →

Final Major Project- About Me

3 Skills I have learned leading up to my FMP: Photography: I knew nothing about key aspects of professional photography and the skills needed for professional photography before this course, but I was able to learn more of what was... Continue Reading →

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