For this task we had to find and interview a local band to promote; including designing them a poster. We had some problems finding a band because at the start no one knew any bands, so we went online and... Continue Reading →



Attached should be a power point with my research and recreations on my two chosen, professional photographers. photograpers-research Also attached should be my photography presentation on my two chosen, professional photographers and the notes I would read as a script... Continue Reading →


My final designs are not much different to my original plans. My radio advert script wasn't changed much, and when it was, it was during the draft that got made. (link below:) I had several ideas for my poster... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a PowerPoint which contains my radio advert. I like the way I turned out but I would have preferred to put music in the background and upload my other attempts but I had to return the equipment... Continue Reading →


For my research I went to the Porchlight website, read a little bit about them like, Tom Gifford started in 1974, motivated by his own experience of being homeless, Tom Gifford set up Porchlight (formerly the Canterbury Cyrenians) with the... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Powerpoint about two famous photographers and one of thier projects: Chris Killip, In Flagrante and Daido Moriyama, 71-NY. I could have done more examples and maybe gone into more detail with my research and explanations but overall I think... Continue Reading →


I would have attached my Photography magazine cover and two page spread but this website didn't allow it so I have taken screen shots of the pages, the first is below: The place I got this information from was at:... Continue Reading →


There are two main variants of cameras; Analog: these cameras use layers of light-sensitive silver halide emulsion coated on a flexible base to capture an image on film. It exposes the emulsion to light creating a latent image which is then... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Power Point with my pictures experimenting with F-stops and shutter speed, they roughly show what i was trying to do, but if I had time I would prefer to retake a few to better illustrate what... Continue Reading →

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