Attached is a Power Point Presentation about the continuity task: key-filming-terms-and-concepts



For this task we had to film an introduction, a couple interviews and some shots from around the college, like the entrance and art at the college. We also needed a narration explaining the college. The interviews were about the... Continue Reading →


For this task we are doing an interview of two people, the interviewee and the interviewer. This is to practice our interviewing skills and techniques, teach us how to work with cameras and separate sound systems, and learn to sync... Continue Reading →


vox-pops-ppp Attached above is a PowerPoint presentation with five different videos. This is for Project 2 Task 1 Vox Pop interviews. (These are all rough unedited footage). Evaluation: The objective of the task was to get some experience talking to... Continue Reading →


There are two main variants of cameras; Analog:┬áthese cameras use layers of light-sensitive silver halide emulsion coated on a flexible base to capture an image on film. It exposes the emulsion to light creating a latent image which is then... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Power Point of the different types of camera shots that I took and the pros and cons of them, all seem to be supersaturated and I forgot one but other than that they turned out ok.... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Power Point with my pictures experimenting with F-stops and shutter speed, they roughly show what i was trying to do, but if I had time I would prefer to retake a few to better illustrate what... Continue Reading →

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