My final designs are not much different to my original plans. My radio advert script wasn't changed much, and when it was, it was during the draft that got made. (link below:) I had several ideas for my poster... Continue Reading →



Attached should be a PowerPoint which contains my radio advert. I like the way I turned out but I would have preferred to put music in the background and upload my other attempts but I had to return the equipment... Continue Reading →


For this project I did a lot nearer to the end as I needed to finish previous work but I started roughly three weeks before the deadline I was set; 9/12/2016. Week starting 21/11/2016: Starting by choosing a charity (:Porchlight),... Continue Reading →


Attached should be my health and safety risk assessment document. There weren't a lot of risks but it was good to identify this, as it made me more aware, because it showed me the risks of doing my work, even... Continue Reading →


  I have had a lot of ideas for this but I am having trouble settling on one idea. I want a poster that is different, that is hard to ignore, something that makes you act not just think. I... Continue Reading →


The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) make sure all advertisers follow strict rules and have legal, honest, decent and truthful ads. The majority of their work is making sure all prices are clearly shown and making sure that ads are clear... Continue Reading →


For my research I went to the Porchlight website, read a little bit about them like, Tom Gifford started in 1974, motivated by his own experience of being homeless, Tom Gifford set up Porchlight (formerly the Canterbury Cyrenians) with the... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Word document with my Christmas radio advert. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for this, so I listened to a few homeless charity radio adverts and came up with something similar. Overall I am... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Word document about my proposal. I wasn't sure what to write about as the document telling me what to do was quite vague so there isn't much text, but I think it tells you what you... Continue Reading →

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