FMP Story: The Day Of Clarity

FMP Portfolio: FMP Portfolio Year 2 2017 -2018 Story Final Draft (also below):  The Day of Clarity story third draft (Audio-book link at the bottom) The Day of Clarity By Alexander Reeve   Now, I wasn’t there for this part... Continue Reading →


Unit12 research

About me: When I was young I would watch a lot of superhero shows like Justice League, Teen Titans, Wolverine and the X-men and many other shows of the superhero genre. There are also a lot of shows that are similar... Continue Reading →

Final Major Project Pitch

Attached is a word document with my first draft pitch: FMP brief Attached is a PowerPoint with my pitch presentation: My final major project presentation Below is a video of me presenting my pitch presentation. I managed to finish the... Continue Reading →

Final Major Project- About Me

3 Skills I have learned leading up to my FMP: Photography: I knew nothing about key aspects of professional photography and the skills needed for professional photography before this course, but I was able to learn more of what was... Continue Reading →

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