Attached should be a power point with my research and recreations on my two chosen, professional photographers. photograpers-research Also attached should be my photography presentation on my two chosen, professional photographers and the notes I would read as a script... Continue Reading →



  I have had a lot of ideas for this but I am having trouble settling on one idea. I want a poster that is different, that is hard to ignore, something that makes you act not just think. I... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Powerpoint about two famous photographers and one of thier projects: Chris Killip, In Flagrante and Daido Moriyama, 71-NY. I could have done more examples and maybe gone into more detail with my research and explanations but overall I think... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a power point with my poster recreation of the movie Aliens. I couldn't do what I wanted, which was having a Xenomorph on one side and a human on the other, but I couldn't find I picture... Continue Reading →


I would have attached my Photography magazine cover and two page spread but this website didn't allow it so I have taken screen shots of the pages, the first is below: The place I got this information from was at:... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Power Point of the different types of camera shots that I took and the pros and cons of them, all seem to be supersaturated and I forgot one but other than that they turned out ok.... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Power Point with my pictures experimenting with F-stops and shutter speed, they roughly show what i was trying to do, but if I had time I would prefer to retake a few to better illustrate what... Continue Reading →


Attached should be a Power Point about different types of sound in film with examples and a film clip explained at the end that I analyse. sound-on-screen


Review Starting 29/9/2016: Wasn't in the whole week due to operation to plate my fractured radial and a bad reaction to painkillers. Notified Alma about my condition. weeklyreview Review Starting 7/9/2016: Wasn't in for first two days because I had... Continue Reading →

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